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Little Love (Screening Free from 4/23 until 4/25)

Queerious is proud to present gay festival hit short film “Little Love” for the weekend. “Little Love” world premiered at the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival exactly one year ago and it has played over 15 film festivals from San Francisco to Barcelona to Munich.

From Left to Right: Writer/Producer Michael J. Turner, Queer Film Festival Extraordinarie Carol Coombes, Actor/Writer Derek Villanueva, Director Quentin Lee at the 2010 Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

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Keep Dykes Marching!

by Tin

If you are a San Francisco resident and cool, you’d probably have heard of the fabulous Dolores Park conveniently located between Castro and Mission Dolores neighborhoods. Apart from its usual park-related amenities such as tennis courts and slides, the small park has served as a refugee camp for more than 1600 families made homeless by the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and fire and hippie hangout and now as a haven for hipsters and families who flock to the park with a six-pack of PBR and/or picnic baskets on those unwonted sunny days in the bay.

Every weekend you can find muscled gay and stylish lesbian sun worshippers at the park. On some occasions, as if drunk swinging or hula-hooping is not fun enough, you can seek out inconspicuous vendors selling various “herbs-enhanced” baked goods. Continue reading

Desi del Valle: a Lesbian Movie Star’s Retrospective

by Quentin

I had a crush on Desi del Valle immediately after seeing her at the San Francisco premiere of Jon Moritsugu’s Mod Fuck Explosion. I believed the film broke that night and we sat for close to a half-hour waiting for it to get repaired. But it was an absolutely unforgettable experience. A few years later, I asked Desi to be in my second feature Drift. She agreed, came to Los Angeles for the shoot, and we had an amazing time. After over 10 years, I caught up with Desi on Queerious.

Q: When I first met you, I was blown away by your performance as a boy in Jon Moritsugu’s Mod Fuck Explosion. I was immediately fascinated by you. Can you talk about your experience in Mod Fuck and collaboration with Moritsugu? Continue reading

Why Am I Queerious?

by Quentin

I came of age intellectually at the explosion of multiculturalism and during the fading heights of Act Up and Queer Nation.

Yes, I’m old. It was Berkeley. 1990. What could have been a better time to be queer and a person of color? Continue reading