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Zombadings… Another Gay Zombie Movie?

I was talking to Ashley Jordan of Singafest over the weekend and she turned me onto a new gay zombie movie from the Philippines. It’s Jade Castro’s Zombadings that was a runaway hit of the past summer in the Philippines. The story involves a young man being cursed to be gay while his mother, a police detective, is trying to solve a string of murders of gay men in town that lead to gay zombies. As campy as it sounds, Zombadings is receiving strong reviews from even Twitch. Here’s the trailer!

From Gay Zombies to Furries

Seattle-based independent filmmaker Chris Diani is Kickstarting his latest feature Let’s Pretend We’re Bunny Rabbits about the furry fandom subculture of the gays. What exactly is the film about?

“After a disagreement about money, struggling young playwright Gerry breaks up with his equally penniless artist boyfriend Tom and sets out to find a sugar daddy to support him.  He quickly finds one on a matchmaking website, but doesn’t realize the sugar daddy is a furry – and thinks Gerry is a furry as well.” Continue reading

Gay Zombies

by Quentin

Gay zombie movies are a new genre pioneered by Canadian bad boy of queer cinema Bruce LaBruce. Currently, there are 2 movies I know of in this sub genre, started by Bruce LaBruce’s gay art-house hit Otto; or, Up with Dead People. Otto is less of a horror flick and more of a quirky teenage coming-of-age movie about a gay teen zombie named Otto. For whatever it is, it’s more of an experimental art film than the traditional zombie movie that you’d be expecting.

If you’re in the mood for something artsy and unique, definitely check out Otto. But be forewarned that it is not what you’d expect from a zombie movie or a horror film. Continue reading