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RAGE – Really Asian Gay Experience

by Kevyn

If you are in Los Angeles and are gay, Asian, at least eighteen, or any combination of the previous, you have been to this club. Or at least have heard about it. Or slept with someone who has slept with someone who has walked by it.

What Gay Asian men are supposed to look like

Is it just a game, boi?

Right in the heart of West Hollywood stands a club between what gays love the most: an American Apparel store and a pizza parlor.  A lot of gay veterans have a love/hate relationship with this club, but when it comes to it, on a Friday night and there’s nothing else to do, I’ve probably seen you getting nasty on the dance floor with the under-agers or smoking a cigarette with the Korean boy-banders on the patio.

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Beautiful Lost Soul

by Steven

A friend of mine in an email recently wrote to me:

“Hey Steven, Kat added me on FB awhile back.  On her FB wall, someone put “R.I.P. Kat.  Is that true??  Just curious”

Finding out news of a friend’s death over Facebook is terrible.  Finding out through someone I don’t know that she died from suicide is even more terrible.

Katherine and I became friends during college.  We met through the Chinese music ensemble where we played the Pipa (a traditional Chinese lute).  Her bubbly personality won me over as I am more reserved and tend to gravitate towards those who are opposite.  Continue reading