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Don’t Ask Don’t Tell To End With a Whimper This Summer

by Mike

The Republican led House had a hearing last week about the status of repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  If you’ll recall, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was overturned by both houses of Congress and signed by President Obama in the “lame duck” session after Republicans successfully won back a majority of the House of Representatives.

The Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy and the various laws forbidding (or not recognizing) same-sex marriage have been the two most important legal pillars of discrimination against gay and lesbian today.  Gaining the right to marriage has received far more mainstream attention than DADT for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that it strikes at the heart of dehumanizing gays and lesbians by stripping us of a basic human right to legal and social recognition of the family relationships we create.  It also applies, at least potentially, to all gay and lesbian people and not just the subset  who are currently members of our armed service branches. Continue reading

The Tea Party: Christian Conservatives in a Fiscal Fleece

by Mike

The Tea Party movement has taken great pains to publicly focus only on fiscal issues and a drive for small government.  It has not taken official positions on the two touchstone social issues that Karl Rove and his Republican successors had traditionally used to whip up the fervor of the conservative base:  gay rights and abortion.  But this is simply a political tactic to attract the all important independents.  When you pull back the thin mask, you very quickly see that the true face of the Tea Party movement is white, conservative, Christian, anti-gay, and anti-choice.

Majority of Americans Now Support Marriage Equality!

A poll by ABC/Washington Post released March 18th, 2011 shows that for the first time a majority of Americans support the right to same sex marriage (53%).  This is truly a landmark swing in public opinion.   Continue reading

From Kyushu to Varanasi

by Sean (Guest Contributor)

Unzen Town is a place for natural hot springs. There is nearby hot spring resort town called Obama.

While a lot of my friends were looking for “gay-friendly” places to go to spend their X’mas and New Year holidays, I decided that I wanted to stay away from the obvious. There are after all a lot more interesting places near Hong Kong (where I live now) other than resorts in Thailand, more resorts in Bali or the Asia’s gay Mecca for New Year’s eve countdown – Taipei.

Most importantly, I wanted to end 2010 by seeing and experiencing some new things which might hopefully bring some new inspirations for 2011.  Eventually, I came to the decision to split my last two weeks of 2010 between spending time with my parents and my partner; and between Kyushu (Japan) and Varanasi (India).  The choice to visit two contrasting regions in two weeks came out from wanting to go somewhere less stressful with my parents; on the other hand, somewhere more challenging with my partner (and a straight couple).

And as it turned out, it was one of the most memorable 2 weeks I have ever had.

Hand-pulled rickshaw, immortalized as a symbol of Kolkata in books such as Dominique Lapierre’s City of Joy.

Continue reading