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Political Hot Cakes or Diversity Bake Sale

Berkeley campus Republicans are doing it right now… a diversity bake sale to satirize initiatives like Affirmative Action. Well, they’re certainly getting the attention they want today! NPR reports, “White students would be charged $2, Asians would pay $1.50, Latinos would pay $1, African-Americans would pay 75 cents, Native Americans would pay 25 cents and women would get 25-cent discounts.”

Go bears! Just another day of protests at Cal.

Republicans Grinding

Seriously? Yes, even Republicans grind. Gawker published pictures of Puerto Rican senator and GOP cheerleader Roberto Arango’s alleged profile from Grindr. Arango’s excuse is, “You know I’ve been losing weight. As I shed that weight, I’ve been taking pictures. I don’t remember taking this particular picture but I’m not gonna say I didn’t take it. I’d tell you if I remembered taking the picture but I don’t.”

And if you look at this picture, it’s definitely more than about documenting one’s weight loss. Even for a horny top like myself, I wonder what the thinking goes behind some folks who love showing their asses and holes. Do you think I can seriously get interested from watching you in that position?

But I then guess if you love nothing but an asshole…

I Will Keep My Last Name and You Should Give Me My Money

by Tin

I grew up in a traditional village in Hong Kong. It was a place where almost everyone shared the same last name and was related to each other to a different degree (I still don’t understand how exactly. I just remembered  I had to call this person my remote third cousin and that my second paternal uncle even though he was not my father’s biological brother.) In our village if you were a boy, you would receive a share of the profit whenever the elders sold a piece of land that belonged to our village. This practice is also prevalent at other villages with people of the same family name.

This is just one of the reasons Chinese parents prefer to have boys than girls. The blatant sexism in countries like China, India, and Japan is of course not a secret to the world. Chinese parents prefer boys because boys can provide better labor and, most important of all, carry the family name since when a Chinese girl gets married, she automatically assumes the last name of her spouse and is no longer a part of her biological family but her husband’s. There is an old saying in Chinese, “giving away your daughter in marriage is like splashing a bucket of water; you can’t get either back”, that pretty much sums up the mentality of Chinese folks.

Why am I bothering you with my left-over childhood bitterness? Continue reading

Invisible Theater

by Angela

My old college pal, P. Funmilayo dropped by this week after selling one of her paintings to a Dallas collector. I met her while majoring in Theater at the University of North Texas. She’s a globe trotter but for the moment lives in the North Texas hipster hotspot of Denton where she’s pursuing a Master’s Degree at Texas Women’s University in Invisible Theater. Yep, you read that correctly. Technically she’s pursuing a Master’s in Women’s Study using theatrical pedagogies such as Invisible Theater to “present social events in which individuals sculpt relationships and in the process promote ideas of social consideration, social awareness, and ignite true concern within the concept of Theater of the Oppressed“. The section in italics was taken directly from her personal statement.

Basically, she’s going to take Augusto Boal’s pedagogy to question issues that face women. If you saw Quentin’s post about the episode of “What Would You Do” in which Texans defend gay parents, you have a pretty decent idea of what Invisible Theater is. The major difference, Funmilayo will insist, is that in true Invisible Theater the audience will never know that it has just witnessed a work of improv social activism.

Since Gay Pride month is officially over here in the US, I thought that we queers could ride high on the marriage win in New York  and start in with the business of demanding a federal mandate for marriage equality. So, here’s a video to get you introduced to Invisible Activism, wherever you may live. We don’t need to change the minds of a few key politicians; we need to change the minds and hearts of homophobes.

I Know at Least Two People Who Are Thrilled About Barrios’ Resignation

by Angela

I sat down with gay film makers Israel Luna and Toni Miller of La Luna Entertainment earlier this week to get their reaction to Jarrett Barrios’ resignation from GLAAD. Why would these two horror filmmakers give two shakes about his, and then the subsequent 8 board members’ resignation over GLAAD’s endorsement of AT&T and T-Mobile’s proposed merger?

Well, back in March of 2010 Luna’s campy horror film, Ticked off Trannies with Knives, became a GLAAD Call to Action for its use of the word “tranny”, which is often considered a pejorative within the trans community. The film basically features hot transgendered women who seek revenge after being attacked by a group of red necks a la I spit on Your Grave”. The film is bloody, funny, sexy, trashy, exploitive, and pretty much everything else you’d ever want in a horror film. And GLAAD hated it.

Prior to the film’s release, Luna reached out to GLAAD for education about transgender terminology and issues facing the transgender community because they had received their first negative reactions about the film’s title. Continue reading

Gay Girls Deserve Better

by Masha

Thank you Tin for being a bona-fide queer identifying female, and broaching the topic of fake lez blogs, writing as you were into a story with more immediate consequences. The clear and present danger Hong Kong is engineering for its non hetero- and-gender-normative inhabitants is a reason to “tsk-tsk” big-time. However, I felt that a little more riffing on the topic of faking it, with some additional cultural associations to the “crime” of disingenuously fictionalizing suffering while providing hope was apropos to Queerious. Hence, on

A blossoming 4 month-old blog with thousands of followers,  generous accolades for reporting with guts and glory and a world of trust won from the vivacious and tough crowd of Middle Eastern queer women, has recently revealed itself to be a complete and well, disgusting hoax.

You may think of other words to evoke the betrayal, when slowly, the layers of Ameena Al-Araf, author of “A Gay Girl in Damascus”, peeled back and viola- revealed itself to be – a human being, (thankfully Watson the IBM supercomputer doesn’t have such an itch for fame or treachery… yet) but one that’s a yuppie white male on the edge of middle-agedom, misguidedly using his pursuit of higher education “in Europe” to shine a light on the plight of the every gay woman in the hotbed of an Arab spring Middle East. Continue reading

Northampton, MA: a parallel universe

by Alicia

A question for some of our female readers: let’s say that you meet the woman of your dreams, fall in love, and want to raise a family together.  Where is the best place to raise a lesbian family? Perhaps where you currently live is a queer family friendly place, but perhaps it is not.

I recently visited high school friends in New England. We took a day trip to Northampton, Massachusetts to see a famous comedian and also to visit a very charming family. Visiting Northampton felt like walking into a parallel universe, one where lesbian parents are the norm.  This town of about 30,000 apparently has over 5 times more LGBT residents than a typical American town. Though not very ethnically diverse, this was still quite refreshing to me as someone who grew up in the Bible Belt. I’ll admit, I was enchanted by all that I observed in Northampton.We spent much of the day at the lovely home of Kirsten and Elizabeth, parents of twin toddler boys. Continue reading

Conversation Storm – a short film by H.P. Mendoza (Screening free from 5/5 to 5/12)

by H.P.

“REMARKABLE! Hilariously funny and awesomely tragic at the same time.” – Martin Denton,

Bin Laden is dead.

O.K., we’ve all seen the video that SFist thinks is “adorable” in which an ATV riding, flag-waving, gun-firing patriot is screaming “U.S.A.” repeatedly. We’ve all seen the fake photos of Osama Bin Laden’s dead body. And amidst all of the new internet memes surrounding Bin Laden’s death, we’ve all heard the familiar cries, back and forth, of “Torture Works!” – “No, it doesn’t!”

(…”It’s not torture!” – “Yes, it is!” – “It’s enhanced interrogation!” – “It’s torture!”…)

For one week only (5/5 to 5/12), I’m screening a film I shot of The Nonsense Company’s CONVERSATION STORM, a fantastic performance by The Nonsense Company and written by Obie award-winning playwright Rick Burkhardt. Continue reading

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell To End With a Whimper This Summer

by Mike

The Republican led House had a hearing last week about the status of repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  If you’ll recall, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was overturned by both houses of Congress and signed by President Obama in the “lame duck” session after Republicans successfully won back a majority of the House of Representatives.

The Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy and the various laws forbidding (or not recognizing) same-sex marriage have been the two most important legal pillars of discrimination against gay and lesbian today.  Gaining the right to marriage has received far more mainstream attention than DADT for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that it strikes at the heart of dehumanizing gays and lesbians by stripping us of a basic human right to legal and social recognition of the family relationships we create.  It also applies, at least potentially, to all gay and lesbian people and not just the subset  who are currently members of our armed service branches. Continue reading

Lady Gaga’s “Pervert Ways”

by Quentin

I hope one day we’ll get off the subject of Lady Gaga but as populist as she is Lady Gaga is certainly contributing to the cultural resistance against American religious fundamentalists.

While Christian fundamentalists picketed outside Lady Gaga’s concert venue, Lady Gaga passed by in her limousine and rolled down her window. “Hi, I’m Lady Gaga.”

As someone handed her a “Get Out of Hell Free Card,” a picketer said, “That’s gonna happen one day, Darling.”

“You know, we really believe in God at my show,” replied Lady Gaga.

“Your pervert ways don’t equate to what God is all about…” said the picketer.

“My pervert ways?” Continue reading

Did We Bully Exodus?

by Tin

The gay cure, as we all know, is bullshit. But of course it never stops certain people from promoting it to the LGBT community, especially our youth, in the name of religion or whatever make beliefs that help them sleep at night. And in a world where most of us are slaves to consumers of Apple products and  “there is an app for everything,” there was, until a little over a week ago, a gay cure app that insures “freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus” created by Exodus International whose mission statement is “Mobilizing the Body of Christ to Minister Grace and Truth to a World impacted by Homosexuality.”

Continue reading

The Tea Party: Christian Conservatives in a Fiscal Fleece

by Mike

The Tea Party movement has taken great pains to publicly focus only on fiscal issues and a drive for small government.  It has not taken official positions on the two touchstone social issues that Karl Rove and his Republican successors had traditionally used to whip up the fervor of the conservative base:  gay rights and abortion.  But this is simply a political tactic to attract the all important independents.  When you pull back the thin mask, you very quickly see that the true face of the Tea Party movement is white, conservative, Christian, anti-gay, and anti-choice.

Majority of Americans Now Support Marriage Equality!

A poll by ABC/Washington Post released March 18th, 2011 shows that for the first time a majority of Americans support the right to same sex marriage (53%).  This is truly a landmark swing in public opinion.   Continue reading

Censoring Gaga

by Steven

Lady Gaga seems to be a favorite topic of mine.  This entry will be the third post from me concerning her.  Because she’s such a champion for gay rights, how can I not talk about her?  Well it seems in Malaysia radio stations are censoring her single Born This Way by garbling: “No matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgendered life, I’m on the right track, baby.”  This action is taken as a precaution to avoid fines and penalties imposed by the government for playing songs that violate “good taste or decency or are offensive to public feeling.”  Continue reading