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Racist or Funny?

Woody Allen said in one of his movies, “Comedy is tragedy plus time.” Now looking back at the infamous 2004 “Gay or Asian?” article from Details magazine that everyone screamed from “racist” to “problematic,” I invite you to rethink what the hullabaloo was about. Really the article points to racism in the gay community. A bunch of fashion queens decided to make fun of being Asian and hence emasculating Asian males in North America. What a fabulous lesson in American racism?

New Year’s Day Switch

by Jason

Have you noticed all the weight loss advertisements lately? It’s almost as if a switch had been turned on New Year’s Day and we are being whipped into a guilt trip over the indulgences of the last two month.  I know that this is not a new thing, but whatever happened to easing into it. We are riled up to eat and be merry over the holidays and then knocked down equally as fast if not faster. It’s no wonder we have eating disorders.

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