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This has got to be one of the most brilliant straight queer short film I’ve seen about a straight guy who ordered a $73 dollar prostitute who turns out to be… Blueberry! Written by and starring the ultra-talented Randall Park from The People I’ve Slept With, “Blueberry” is brilliant and reveals how a straight guy and a gay prostitute can spend a hilarious and moving night together. Happy New Year!


by Jason

The Los Angeles I knew is changing and I think it’s changing for the better. This is my third time to the city of Angels and there are positive signs throughout. You just have to look at the nearest billboard and see the Battle LA movie posters. In a city known for hot, dry weather and chronic dependence on automobiles, this past weekend was definitely the contrary. Yesterday, the Los Angeles Marathon was held. I didn’t even know that Los Angeles had a marathon and to hear it went on as planned on a day of relentless monsoon-like rains is a testament to the commitment from the city. The Los Angeles Times published on the front page of its weekend edition that Metro was expanding its rail network. Americans often go big and since my last visit in 2008, new lines of the Metro have been built and opened. Canadian municipalities move in slow increments, holding healthy debates and community discussions along the way. Continue reading

Help Make Peephole

by Quentin

The past year, I’ve been traveling to LGBT film festivals with my feature The People I’ve Slept With and I kept bumping into my director friend Michael Saul and actor/producer Heath Daniels. I was finally able to catch their hilarious and delightful short “Go Go Reject” at the Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. “Go Go Reject” has playing gay festivals all over the world and people are loving it.

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