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Favorite movie of 2010 vs. Best Picture of 2010

by H.P.

“OMG. Was that liek teh most boringest oscars evar? #smh”

So, the Oscars are over and over the past week, we all had to sit through a barrage of tweets and facebook updates containing witticisms and regurgitated jokes about the Academy. Lots of tired “what the hell was she wearing” quips and “Kirk Douglas is going to give me nightmares”. A lot of received opinions flew about the travesty of having 10 Best Picture nominees while other screeds were posted about the injustice of Christopher Nolan’s exclusion from the Best Director category.

“Ok, someone needs to tell Melissa Leo that the Queen wants her doily back. ROFLMAO!!!1 #fashionpolice”

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Oscar 2011: So Young Yet So Old

by Yogi

“It’s the young and hip Oscars!” hailed co-host Anne Hathaway after Kirk Douglas became the most adoring presenter and gave the award for Best Supporting Actress to Melissa Leo, who proceeded to drop the F-bomb. “Fantastic! This is going to be a great, fun show!” I thought.  It does seem that the Academy really try to make this year’s show to be the awesomest Oscar ceremonies you’ve ever seen. Continue reading

Oscar 2011: Who Should/Will Win?

by Yogi

First rule of predicting Oscar winners: Don’t let your emotions get you. It’s all a game. It’s no longer about what’s the best movie of the year anymore (that belongs to Please Give), it’s about who’s due, who’s “in”, who has more connection *cough*Weinstein*cough*. However, you just never know with the Oscar so we just have to watch the show and expect the unexpected. Here’s what I think should/will win this year: Continue reading