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Gay Girls Deserve Better

by Masha

Thank you Tin for being a bona-fide queer identifying female, and broaching the topic of fake lez blogs, writing as you were into a story with more immediate consequences. The clear and present danger Hong Kong is engineering for its non hetero- and-gender-normative inhabitants is a reason to “tsk-tsk” big-time. However, I felt that a little more riffing on the topic of faking it, with some additional cultural associations to the “crime” of disingenuously fictionalizing suffering while providing hope was apropos to Queerious. Hence, on

A blossoming 4 month-old blog with thousands of followers,  generous accolades for reporting with guts and glory and a world of trust won from the vivacious and tough crowd of Middle Eastern queer women, has recently revealed itself to be a complete and well, disgusting hoax.

You may think of other words to evoke the betrayal, when slowly, the layers of Ameena Al-Araf, author of “A Gay Girl in Damascus”, peeled back and viola- revealed itself to be – a human being, (thankfully Watson the IBM supercomputer doesn’t have such an itch for fame or treachery… yet) but one that’s a yuppie white male on the edge of middle-agedom, misguidedly using his pursuit of higher education “in Europe” to shine a light on the plight of the every gay woman in the hotbed of an Arab spring Middle East. Continue reading

I Fucking Hate The ‘F’ Word

by Kevyn

So, I was checking out my Facebook and my friend, straight, changed his status. I was so in shock, I just had to say something. The conversation looked like this:

It still makes me a little upset that people use that word so freely and think it won’t affect anyone around them. Continue reading

Being Gay in Your Thirties

by Steven

Last year I turned 34.  If I was straight I would probably be married by now, have a child or two, live in a two bedroom house with a couple dogs and maybe a cat.  Instead, here I am single and vacationing in Hawaii even though I got laid off my day job 2 months ago.  I don’t have a sense of when or even if I am going to get married to a man someday.  I think I want to have kids but I’m not even sure if I REALLY want them or even if it’s financially possible.  It just feels like I’m going through life without any real plan and I wonder if this is the fate of most of us gay men. Continue reading

Born Again Asian

by H.P.

I’m Filipino-American, raised Catholic by immigrants, raised WITH immigrants and raised with pride.  (We also had seven dogs and never ate them.) I was raised in the Mission in San Francisco and being Asian was never a problem.  I was certainly not in the minority and neither were any of my Black, Latino, Asian or White friends in my Catholic school.  And it was because of this level playing field that we saw it as innocuous to blatantly point out each others’ race/ethnicity (both of which were words we would ignorantly interchange with nationality…but that’s a different article.)

But I knew I was in the minority, amongst my friends.  Being gay was that deep dark secret that I and all of my Catholic school buddies were taught to shun.  Abominable, I was.  I didn’t even know what that word meant!  The word only brought images of giant snowmen to mind, and I certainly wasn’t THAT.  (He was white, after all.) Continue reading