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Roland Emmerich Takes on William Shakespeare

by Quentin

Deep in the eye of the storm of prepping my own upcoming feature White Frog, I had the privilege to catch a private screening of Roland Emmerich’s Anonymous, one of the most successful queer Hollywood directors’ take on the authorship of Shakespeare. A sumptuous and complex epic of literary intrigue, Anonymous stars the ever fabulous Vanessa Redgrave as Queen Elizabeth I who bears a forbidden relationship to one of the greatest literary figures of English literature.

If Shakepeare in Love is a comedy, then Anonymous certainly fashions itself after a Shakespeare tragedy. Continue reading

Rich and Gaymous

by Quentin

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be rich and gaymous? In life, you can have it all if you’re rich and gaymous. I tagged along with my producer to director Roland Emmerich’s party at his sprawling Hollywood Hills estate complete with a mansion and pool house where the early Tarzan movies were shot.

I’ve been there several times, and I’ve always wondered what it would like to be rich and gaymous like Mr. Emmerich. Continue reading

Gleeful Prom

by Yogi

I actually had a lot of fun at my Senior Prom; we created our own fun Kings & Queens like Best Hair, Best Smile, Most Athletic, Most Geek Chic, and other crazy categories. I happened to win two categories, Friendliest and Most Artistic King. Anyway, when I heard that the boys of Glee are doing Teen Vogue’s Prom Issue I was, well, gleeful.

The four boys featured are Harry Shum, Jr. (Mike aka Other Asian), Darren Criss (Blaine), Chord Overstreet (Sam), and Kevin McHale (Artie). While I had hoped that Chris Colfer (Kurt) would make the cut, I am really happy with the chosen ones. To be honest, I’m just happy that it’s not Lea Michele (after her CQ and Cosmopolitan “controversial” spread). These boys looks so dapper in their prom outfits you just wish you could bring one of them as your prom date :)

Did you know that Harry Shum, Jr. was born in Costa Rica and is fluent in Spanish and Chinese? Also, he is a dancer and choreographer for a dance web series The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers who have performed at Ellen DeGeneres’ Ellen’s Even Bigger Really Big Show, Glee Live! Tour, and last year’s Academy Awards! Love him even more now? Yeah, take a number.

Darren Criss joins the long list of ridiculously good looking half-Asian actor; he has a Filipino mother and an Irish father. Before Glee, his claim of fame was his portrayal of Harry Potter in A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel, which he wrote most of the music. Oh yeah, he also released an EP called Human on iTunes. *sigh* Continue reading

Favorite movie of 2010 vs. Best Picture of 2010

by H.P.

“OMG. Was that liek teh most boringest oscars evar? #smh”

So, the Oscars are over and over the past week, we all had to sit through a barrage of tweets and facebook updates containing witticisms and regurgitated jokes about the Academy. Lots of tired “what the hell was she wearing” quips and “Kirk Douglas is going to give me nightmares”. A lot of received opinions flew about the travesty of having 10 Best Picture nominees while other screeds were posted about the injustice of Christopher Nolan’s exclusion from the Best Director category.

“Ok, someone needs to tell Melissa Leo that the Queen wants her doily back. ROFLMAO!!!1 #fashionpolice”

Continue reading

Oscar 2011: So Young Yet So Old

by Yogi

“It’s the young and hip Oscars!” hailed co-host Anne Hathaway after Kirk Douglas became the most adoring presenter and gave the award for Best Supporting Actress to Melissa Leo, who proceeded to drop the F-bomb. “Fantastic! This is going to be a great, fun show!” I thought.  It does seem that the Academy really try to make this year’s show to be the awesomest Oscar ceremonies you’ve ever seen. Continue reading

Oscar 2011: Who Should/Will Win?

by Yogi

First rule of predicting Oscar winners: Don’t let your emotions get you. It’s all a game. It’s no longer about what’s the best movie of the year anymore (that belongs to Please Give), it’s about who’s due, who’s “in”, who has more connection *cough*Weinstein*cough*. However, you just never know with the Oscar so we just have to watch the show and expect the unexpected. Here’s what I think should/will win this year: Continue reading

And The Nominees Are…

by Yogi

It’s Tuesday, January 25 at 5.30am and I’m wide awake. It’s hard to believe but I’m one of those people who watches the Oscar nominations being announced live and I yelled and cheered when I watched it, just like a straight man watching the Super Bowl. As expected, The King’s Speech leads the competition with 12 nominations, surprisingly followed by True Grit (10 nominations), Inception and  The Social Network (8 nominations). Continue reading

Oscar Nomination Predictions

by Yogi

I’ve watched the Oscar every single year, well before I even realize that I’m gay! I watched it, analyzed it, guessed it, you name it, I’ve done it all. I even throw an annual Oscar viewing party in the past 5 years, complete with the Best Picture-themed food & drinks. Yup, I’m an award whore. Every single year I always manage to guess the most correct (and apparently am humble about it too! *sarcasm*). It gets a bit boring after a while, so 3 years ago I also started guessing the nominees, all 24 categories. On my first year I got 54% correct and last year I got 62% correct so I’m hoping that this year I’d get over 75% correct. Wish me luck! Continue reading

The Social Network, Glee Dominates Golden Globes

by Yogi

I love award shows, especially the Golden Globes! It’s really the “fun” yet credible award show as we watch the actors get drunker by the hour and also it’s the rare time where they award Film AND TV! This year’s show was even more fun thanks to Ricky Gervais and his crude, sarcastic British humour! Still quite predictable (I predicted 20 out of 25 categories, damn you Best Foreign Language Film!) but the Golden Globes often used as a parameter for the almighty Academy Awards so we get to watch the winners deliver their best, funny, charming and endearing acceptance speeches. Continue reading