Queerious is the collaborate blog of a small family of queer creative people over the globe.

ALICIA is a film festival director, an entrepreneur, and a musician. She lives in Texas.

ANGELA drinks whisky and tells stories. Most of them are true, some of them are as true as she can get ’em, and the rest are as true as the law allows.  She can be found running wild in Dallas, Texas and on Facebook via

DAVID is an actor and stylist based in Los Angeles.

DORIS was born in San Francisco and raised in Hong Kong, SAR and California. She has written and directed films in China, Europe and the US and graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles and the Beijing Film Academy with degrees in Art History and Directing. She was a Director Fellow at AFI and has directed many experimental narrative films including the short film “Dance” that won the WorldFest Houston award for Best Short. Her films have played at the Director’s Guild of America, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and numerous film festivals around the world.

GILLIAN is a writer based in Chattanooga, TN.

H.P. is a filmmaker based in San Francisco with the idiotic notion that he can direct four movies in 2011.  Watch him fail at

JASON is an Asian Canadian armed with a camera. My days are spent observing, discovering and capturing human behavior. I’m a storyteller and an avid celebrator of stories. Some say I have a voice for radio, but my mouth has a habit of racing ahead of me.

KF is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles. KF wrote and directed the first LGBT film at the University of Hawaii to be accepted into various international  film festivals. “I’m all about the laughter and seeing the comedic side to all aspects of life. And I live for awkward situations. I’m always on the hunt to tie myself to as many communities as possible to learn more about myself.  I’m proud to be Chinese and Filipino… I get to eat the best foods.” ~KF

LEWIS has been involved in the independent film industry for over 10
years serving as publicist, writer and producer for multiple
festivals, films.  He spends his days traveling from San Francisco,
his hometown, to the Midwestern magic of Indianapolis/Chicago with an
occasional dip into the urban ponds of New York/ Philadelphia. An avid
traveler, he loves exploring the culture around him and satiating his
appetite for all things Hello Kitty.

MASASHI is the festival director of the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival.

NORM is a photographer based in Hong Kong.

QUENTIN is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles.

STEVEN is a music composer based in Los Angeles.

TIN was a Hong Konger who one day just packed her bag and moved to San Francisco at the age of 19. Growing up watching Chinese ghost and vampire movies inspired her to become a filmmaker. Her short film “Coming in From the Cold” has screened at gay and lesbian film festivals in London, France and L.A. She now manages independent movie theaters in the city and is working on her first feature film that is a coming-of-age story with Chinese Opera elements. She is an expert at cursive and doodling, or so she thinks.

YOGI currently works for the Vancouver Park Board in Special Events & Filming. He left Indonesia almost 10 years ago when he was 18 and it didn’t take long for him to start beeing involved in various arts organizations in Vancouver, including being on the Board of Director for Vancouver Queer Film Festival, being a year-round Staff at Vancouver International Film Festival, along with unleashing his inner-diva with GLASS Youth Choir and Vancouver Men’s Chorus. He will gladly take your challenge in predicting the Oscar as he’s won numerous Oscar Polls in the past. He is really excited to bring his enthusiastic energy to Queerious!

E-mail queeriouslife [at] to query, contact any of us, or holler!