Keep Dykes Marching!

by Tin

If you are a San Francisco resident and cool, you’d probably have heard of the fabulous Dolores Park conveniently located between Castro and Mission Dolores neighborhoods. Apart from its usual park-related amenities such as tennis courts and slides, the small park has served as a refugee camp for more than 1600 families made homeless by the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and fire and hippie hangout and now as a haven for hipsters and families who flock to the park with a six-pack of PBR and/or picnic baskets on those unwonted sunny days in the bay.

Every weekend you can find muscled gay and stylish lesbian sun worshippers at the park. On some occasions, as if drunk swinging or hula-hooping is not fun enough, you can seek out inconspicuous vendors selling various “herbs-enhanced” baked goods. It also hosts free movie nights sporadically. And, don’t quote me on this, some say it is a major cruising area for boys stumbling down from Castro Street after hours looking for a good time. All in all, this park rocks and is a perfect embodiment of everything San Francisco.

Most importantly, it is home to the annual San Francisco Dyke March. Every year during pride weekend, hundreds and thousands of dykes, bois, trannies and anyone who support equal rights and justice for dykes around the world rally at Dolores Park and march towards Castro. Ah, Dyke March, I can still smell the booze, the sweat, and the sweet sense of rebellion and debauchery from last year. And how can anyone not love Dykes on Bikes?

But this year the S.F. Dyke March is in trouble. Due to economic downturn and a decrease in grant funding, the Committee is in need of donations to make the rally/march possible. If they do not raise enough money before the end of this month, the result can be no more performers, speakers and political activists at the rally or the need for an entrance fee (which is not a bad idea but only as a last resort I would imagine a non-profit organization such as the Dyke March Committee would like to take.) And, gasp!, there might not be a march at all.

Lesbian event organizers across the bay are hosting a slew of events to raise money for the Dyke March in lieu of this impending doom horrible news. See a list of upcoming fundraisers here. So if you live in SF or are traveling here this month and in the near future, check out these events, dance your booties off and support an amazing cause. Or simply make a donation.

Come on, those port-o-potties at the rally don’t pay for themselves!

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