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Desi del Valle: a Lesbian Movie Star’s Retrospective

by Quentin

I had a crush on Desi del Valle immediately after seeing her at the San Francisco premiere of Jon Moritsugu’s Mod Fuck Explosion. I believed the film broke that night and we sat for close to a half-hour waiting for it to get repaired. But it was an absolutely unforgettable experience. A few years later, I asked Desi to be in my second feature Drift. She agreed, came to Los Angeles for the shoot, and we had an amazing time. After over 10 years, I caught up with Desi on Queerious.

Q: When I first met you, I was blown away by your performance as a boy in Jon Moritsugu’s Mod Fuck Explosion. I was immediately fascinated by you. Can you talk about your experience in Mod Fuck and collaboration with Moritsugu? Continue reading