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Jamey from Buffalo

Apparently, it didn’t get better for 14-year-0ld Jamey Rodemeyer who just committed suicide the past Sunday admidst being bullied and struggling with his sexuality. In May, Jamey posted his own “It Gets Better” video but it certainly didn’t get better for Jamey. Read the excellent Telegraph article for details. Jamie, may you rest in peace. Bullying is truly a problem in America.

It Gets Better – Vancouver Men’s Choir

by Yogi

Check out the “It Gets Better” video by Vancouver Men’s Choir that I produced:

Gay Teens: It Gets Worse

by Quentin

I cannot help not posting our comedic Philip Huang’s “Gay Teens: It Gets Worse” video. I get a good laugh every time I watch it.

It Gets Better: So Last Year?

by Yogi

For those of you who have been living under a rock, the It Gets Better project started in late September 2010 when columnist Dan Savage and his partner Terry posted a video on YouTube hoping to inspire GLBT youth facing bullying, in response to a slew of gay teenage suicide, that life does get better. The next thing you know, the video project has gone viral! We see various vigils, fundraisers, concerts, walks, etc. in support of the project. Personally, I started a weekly viewing of the It Gets Better postings every Saturday morning for some good cry and inspiration. Here are a couple of my favorites.  Continue reading