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Russian Boys Chain Gang Humping Video

What is the meaning of this chain gang humping video with hot Russian boys spreading across Youtube like wildfire? Is it a joke, a satire or what? It’s definitely queerious. What do you think?

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Living Photos

by Jason

Wall art can be eclectic, inspiring and bizarre, but there is one common item that I have seen hanging somewhere on everyone’s walls and that’s photographs of themselves, family or friends. However in today’s age of the iPad, flat screen televisions and digital picture frames, I am surprised that there are not any looping videos, a living photo frame, on our walls similar to those found in the world of Harry Potter.

Not everything has to be recorded, but there is an ephemeral quality to see the moment before and after a very special photograph. Still pictures can create a false sense of reality, and be downright boring, if one chooses to only show people smiling. We tend to take notice when we see imperfections. I love candid stills, especially because people are caught in real situations.

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The New Camp (pt. 3)

by H.P.

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Last week, we took a closer look at new camp favorite Michael Lucid of Pretty Things. Today, we’re going to talk to Chris Vargas and Greg Youmans of Falling in Love…with Chris and Greg

Popular for their radically queer take on the sitcom, Chris and Greg have formed quite the following at LGBT film festivals and through their YouTube channel, LovingChrisandGreg.

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A YouTube Video for a Prince

by Jason

I’m a monarchist and secretly, I subscribe to the daily rigmarole of the British Monarchy. Earlier this year, HRH The Prince of Wales released a YouTube video about the British Asian Trust.  Below would’ve been my letter to his royal highness about it.

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Just Say ‘YES!’

Thank God for Youtube. I don’t know where we would be without it. There are an insane amount of gay Youtube stars out there. What the Buck?, Chris Crocker and Shane Dawson just to name a few. Okay, Shane Dawson isn’t gay, but he’s gay enough. When you see him you just gotta think, “Girl, your hair is flawless…”  But there’s just so many to watch.

In my opinion, the gay voice (not the gay voice that you hear when I speak) is pretty prominent in the Youtube viral video community. Who could forget Chris Crocker’s “Leave Britney Alone!” video?

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Chris Crocker’s “Freak of Nature”

by Quentin

Chris Crocker has sashayed a long way from his first video “Leave Britney Alone” that made him world famous. “Leave Britney Alone” has a total of over 36.5 million views on Youtube as of this date. “Britney” was originally posted in Sep 2007: Continue reading

Gay Teens: It Gets Worse

by Quentin

I cannot help not posting our comedic Philip Huang’s “Gay Teens: It Gets Worse” video. I get a good laugh every time I watch it.