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Yung Men and the World of Jason Karman

Our very own Queerious’ Jason Karman is fundraising for his new 17-minute Christmas drama short film “Yung Men” about two gay brothers. The project is autobiographically inspired as he wrote on his Indiegogo page, “A few years ago at Christmas, my dad had an emergency stipend to prevent an  impending stroke. The prospect of losing a parent while I was away almost became a reality for me as I chose not to visit for the holidays that year due to my work schedule.  At the core, Yung Men is about a son coming home and trying to make amends for not being not being there when it matter the most.”

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Yen Tan’s Pit Stop

Queer Dallas-based filmmaker Yen Tan is raising money through United States Artists for his latest gay flick Pit Stop, a love story about two working class gay men in a small Texas town. Yen’s previous feature Ciao played many prestigious LGBT film festivals and received high praise.

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From Gay Zombies to Furries

Seattle-based independent filmmaker Chris Diani is Kickstarting his latest feature Let’s Pretend We’re Bunny Rabbits about the furry fandom subculture of the gays. What exactly is the film about?

“After a disagreement about money, struggling young playwright Gerry breaks up with his equally penniless artist boyfriend Tom and sets out to find a sugar daddy to support him.  He quickly finds one on a matchmaking website, but doesn’t realize the sugar daddy is a furry – and thinks Gerry is a furry as well.” Continue reading

Dan Choi Beaten and Arrested in Moscow

LGBT Activist Dan Choi was beaten and arrested by neo-nazis and Moscow cops for walking peacefully in Moscow’s LGBT Pride Parade. Americablog asks you to sign Mr. Choi’s open letter to Hillary Clinton to speak out against this human rights violation.

Support the Freedom to Love

Here’s one of the best LGBT PSAs made by the acclaimed Singaporean filmmaker Boo Jun Feng whose debut feature Sandcastle premiered at Cannes last year.

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Kickstart the Miss TangTang Show

Filmmaker Yvette Choy has started a Kickstarter campaign for her variety show The Miss TangTang Show which is “ive variety talk-show focusing on exhibiting, promoting and sustaining the innovative work of Queer Asian-American artists. We want to see smart work that is at once unique and cutting-edge, yet still relevant to our community’s deeply woven histories.  We want to talk with those artists who break down the boxes and bridge various genres, generations and practices.  The Ms. TangTang Show will be an engaging and intelligent spotlight that promotes Queer Asian American creativity in a fun and entertaining way.”

That sounds like a lot of fun and it’s exactly what Queerious should back!

The Normal Heart Returns to Broadway

by Quentin

About two weeks ago on April 27, Larry Kramer’s gay classic The Normal Heart has returned to Broadway with a stellar cast led by Ellen Barkin as Dr. Emma Brookner. The Normal Heart is probably the most relevant, political and succinct drama to date chronicling the explosion of the AIDS crisis in New York City. It’s no surprise that Heart was written by the equally explosive activist Larry Kramer who started the original Act Up.

I came out in the early 90s at Berkeley at height of the safer sex era and the tail end of AIDS and Act Up where I read The Normal Heart in my English 1B class led by a gay teaching assistant. Even then I remember it was an affecting and powerful play. Continue reading