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Drift (Screened from 4/1 until 4/4)

by Quentin

I’d love to share with you my second feature Drift that Filmthreat called “one of the year’s best films.” Drift has gone to over 25 film festivals domestically and internationally from San Francisco to Turin, Milan, Prague, New Zealand and even Croatia!

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Desi del Valle: a Lesbian Movie Star’s Retrospective

by Quentin

I had a crush on Desi del Valle immediately after seeing her at the San Francisco premiere of Jon Moritsugu’s Mod Fuck Explosion. I believed the film broke that night and we sat for close to a half-hour waiting for it to get repaired. But it was an absolutely unforgettable experience. A few years later, I asked Desi to be in my second feature Drift. She agreed, came to Los Angeles for the shoot, and we had an amazing time. After over 10 years, I caught up with Desi on Queerious.

Q: When I first met you, I was blown away by your performance as a boy in Jon Moritsugu’s Mod Fuck Explosion. I was immediately fascinated by you. Can you talk about your experience in Mod Fuck and collaboration with Moritsugu? Continue reading