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A Chinese Class

Have you ever thought of learning Chinese? A few years back, I took the craziest Chinese class at Los Angeles City College and I decided to make a documentary out of my experience. After showing it at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, I completely forgot about the short but I just recently found the drive. It was the funnest Chinese class I have taken as my most queerious classmate Drew Bird—a filmmaker, musician, and hat maker—was really the star of the show. She is just one of the most fabulous characters I’ve met! And here’s Webisode 1 of “A Chinese Class” and don’t miss Drew’s discussion of bisexuality in Webisode 3!

Queer Films at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

by Quentin

This year, the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival is very queer! There are six LGBT programs at the festival that include five features and a short programs. S. Casper Wong’s documentary feature The Lulu Sessions will be making its world premiere and Lucky Kuswandi’s feature Madame X will be making its North American premiere at the festival.

Although SCUD’s Amphetamine is full of gratuitous nudity and gay sex, it is not my favorite gay film. Nevertheless, it’s his most accomplished film to date and it’s more coherent than his last feature Permanent Residence. It’s a love story about a rich boy and a poor boy who has an amphetamine habit. As a whole, it doesn’t quite all make sense but it’s worth a look for curiosity if you haven’t seen it.

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Madame X, the First Drag Queen Superhero Movie

by Quentin

I first met Lucky Kuswandi through a mutual friend when he was studying film at the Art Center in Pasadena. I went to visit him on the set of his very first short about a woman and her relation with a black cat. Lucky later moved back to Indonesia to pursue his film career and made his first feature Madame X last year which is currently on the film festival circuit. Madame X has just played at the Hong Kong International Film Festival and will be premiering in the U.S. at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.

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