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Rich and Gaymous

by Quentin

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be rich and gaymous? In life, you can have it all if you’re rich and gaymous. I tagged along with my producer to director Roland Emmerich’s party at his sprawling Hollywood Hills estate complete with a mansion and pool house where the early Tarzan movies were shot.

I’ve been there several times, and I’ve always wondered what it would like to be rich and gaymous like Mr. Emmerich. Continue reading

Mavs Mania

by Angela

I am exhausted. I woke up at an embarrassingly early hour Thursday morning in my hometown of Dallas, Texas to attend a parade. No, it was not Dallas’ pride parade (we do ours on the third Sunday in September to commemorate the ruling from Judge Barefoot Sanders that first negated the Texas Sodomy Law). Nope, I woke up at 6 a.m. to hoof it downtown to celebrate the Dallas Maverick’s winning the NBA Championship.

Am I a huge basketball fan? Do I love all things sports related? No, and nuh-uh. But I do love Dallas. Like, a LOT. And how many times does one get a chance to stand outside jammed up against 200,000 of their fellow citizens in over 100 degree weather and watch everyone be HAPPY to be there? Watch them NOT maim each other or shout insults at one another? I figured not too often so, I went.

As far as parade floats go I give it a solid meh. I mean I’ve been to pride parades in Los Angeles and San Francisco, so I know what a good lookin’ float is supposed to look like. Continue reading

API Wellness’ 2011 BLOOM Event

by Kevyn

I got invited to attend API Wellness Center’s annual charity event, Bloom, last Thursday the 19th, and it was a fun event filled with love, champagne, and Asians. It’s always comforting to see a community come together and donate for a good cause. A lot of the board members have been working with API Wellness for last couple of decades and it was fun to hang out with them and others at the San Fransisco Design Center which is truly a beautiful venue. BLOOM is one of the, if not the, biggest charity events geared towards the API LGBT communities in the US, and it was an honor be apart of such an event.

What is that you ask? What is the API Wellness Center? I will tell you. Continue reading

Have You Been to Dinah Shore?

by Quentin

No, I haven’t yet, but our fellow Queerious blogger Andrea was down there hanging with the home girls of Shewired taking a ton of pictures and enjoying the heat of the sun in Palm Springs. Dinah Shore Weekend is the girls’ version of the White Party. Continue reading

Time to Shed that Party Name

by Quentin

I woke up this morning and saw my friend posted a status update on Facebook saying that he’s changing his name from Ken to Alexander. While his parents gave him the name Alexander, he used the name “Ken” when he first came out in America because of a bad experience. Ken told me that he met this one guy when he first came out and when he told him that he wanted to stop seeing him this guy threatened to out him to his parents. Learning from his bad experience, he started using the name “Ken.”

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RAGE – Really Asian Gay Experience

by Kevyn

If you are in Los Angeles and are gay, Asian, at least eighteen, or any combination of the previous, you have been to this club. Or at least have heard about it. Or slept with someone who has slept with someone who has walked by it.

What Gay Asian men are supposed to look like

Is it just a game, boi?

Right in the heart of West Hollywood stands a club between what gays love the most: an American Apparel store and a pizza parlor.  A lot of gay veterans have a love/hate relationship with this club, but when it comes to it, on a Friday night and there’s nothing else to do, I’ve probably seen you getting nasty on the dance floor with the under-agers or smoking a cigarette with the Korean boy-banders on the patio.

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