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Truth or Fluff

UCLA Sociology PhD student Kjerstin Gruys decided to live without mirrors for a year six months before her wedding and started a blog about it. What a cool idea? I heard her interview on the radio and I was immediately fascinated. Can you live without your reflection for a year? Isn’t this the perfect experiment that the Beauty Myth‘s Naomi Wolf would love to dream of in the social networking age? Why write a book these days? Just do a blog.

The project reminds me of a guy whom I dated. He would check every one of his reflection he could find everywhere we went. Just watching him do that made me feel exhausted. is academia meets pop culture. While there are so many interesting ideas behind the blog, the blog is also filled with fluffy fun. Well, we’re in L.A., aren’t we? Let’s get rich and popular being intelligent! Go Bruins!

The World’s Most Expensive Coffee

by Steven

During my trip to Indonesia, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with one thing:  kopi luwak.  For those of you that don’t know what it is, this is dubbed as the world’s most expensive coffee…. and it’s basically harvested from the poop of a particular kind of civet (a type of mammal).  Yes, I did say “poop.”  Asian palm civets eat coffee cherries for their fruit pulp. Continue reading