Yung Men and the World of Jason Karman

Our very own Queerious’ Jason Karman is fundraising for his new 17-minute Christmas drama short film “Yung Men” about two gay brothers. The project is autobiographically inspired as he wrote on his Indiegogo page, “A few years ago at Christmas, my dad had an emergency stipend to prevent an  impending stroke. The prospect of losing a parent while I was away almost became a reality for me as I chose not to visit for the holidays that year due to my work schedule.  At the core, Yung Men is about a son coming home and trying to make amends for not being not being there when it matter the most.”

Jason is a Vancouver-based filmmaker and media artist and he has already had several short films that have gone to a variety of film festivals down his belt. In fact, he is premiering his latest short film “Square Dance Story” with his longtime actor collaborator Kyle Toy this weekend at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival in Vancouver:

And hopefully you’ll also be able to catch his other short film “I’m in the Mood for Love,” again with Kyle Toy, which has been playing film festivals both domestically and internationally:

And he has made two other documentary shorts “Fortune Cooking” and “State of Yo”:

What a prolific guy and hope you can help him out on “Yung Men!?”

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