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Racist or Funny?

Woody Allen said in one of his movies, “Comedy is tragedy plus time.” Now looking back at the infamous 2004 “Gay or Asian?” article from Details magazine that everyone screamed from “racist” to “problematic,” I invite you to rethink what the hullabaloo was about. Really the article points to racism in the gay community. A bunch of fashion queens decided to make fun of being Asian and hence emasculating Asian males in North America. What a fabulous lesson in American racism?

Fall 1990 (Screening Free from 6/1 until 6/8/2011)

by Quentin

That’s what a lazy blogger does… or perhaps rather a hardworking filmmaker does… to screen one of his old movies instead of blogging. It was 1994, my second year in the production program of UCLA Film School, and I wanted to make a substantial narrative short with a gay Asian love story and the result became the 35 min. “Fall 1990” that won me a UCLA Spotlight Award. “Fall 1990” also marked my early collaboration with Justin Lin who shot the piece for me. He’d probably wince at what he shot now. It was also my first collaboration with Angry Little Asian Girl‘s Lela Lee who arrived in Los Angeles fresh out of Berkeley. The lead was none other than Barney Cheng, my friend who later went on to be in a Woody Allen’s film Hollywood Ending.

Barney, far left, at Woody Allen's Hollywood Ending Cannes premiere

I’m sure now everyone involved will wince at why they did in this little student short of mine now. But it was history. Continue reading