Mysterious Bullying Video from Taipei

by Quentin

I was on Facebook and just discovered a mysterious bullying video from Taiwan. Apparently this viral video has been making the headlines in Taiwan. A high school girl was taken to a park after school for a beating as she was blamed for leaking out the news that one of her classmates has been moonlighting as a call girl. It’s quite sad to realize that bullying can happen anywhere in the world.

Kids are cruel, aren’t they?

4 responses to “Mysterious Bullying Video from Taipei

  1. How about some facts about this video?

  2. I’m as lost as you are. We do need to get more info. about it… it’s definitely stunning!

  3. I am no way, shape or form condoning the actions on this video. But, is it really ‘bullying’ when someone goes around and blurts out a highly compromising truth about a classmate such as she’s a prostitute??

    Wouldn’t the girl have to have some quality – a lisp, masculine behavior, a physical deformity – that has marked he for continued and relentless abuse to qualify this as “bullying.”

    It sounds more like revenge, albeit cruel and physically unnecessary. But I agree with your readers, more facts need to be revealed.

  4. Sick! But o know im not the only one. Stay strong, sister!!!!!!!

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