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Do You Like Him?

Brooklyn-based artist Ely Kim is getting buzzed about his latest video “Not Into Asian,” a direct response to the prejudice in mainstream gay community against Asians who, according to the Boston Edge, ” typically face a pronounced stigma marked by stereotypes of femininity, docility and exoticness at the hands of other, usually urban American gay men.” A campy cover of Thelma Houston’s gay anthem “Don’t Leave Me This Way,” Ely dons a beard and a lumberjack shirt (parodying American masculinity) and dances his heart out. Do you like him (this Asian) more this way—in the American male drag?


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Part Time Drag Queen

by Quentin

The first time I wore women clothes was when I was six. I was hanging out with my mom on a lazy Sunday afternoon while my dad was out. She let me try on her evening gown and carry my favorite glittery purse of hers. As I pranced around on her bed, I playfully dubbed myself “the nightgown chicken.” In Cantonese, “chicken” is the slang for “prostitute.” My mom was cracking up. We both had so much fun. I remember I really enjoyed playing a character… being someone whom I wasn’t.

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