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Truth or Fluff

UCLA Sociology PhD student Kjerstin Gruys decided to live without mirrors for a year six months before her wedding and started a blog about it. What a cool idea? I heard her interview on the radio and I was immediately fascinated. Can you live without your reflection for a year? Isn’t this the perfect experiment that the Beauty Myth‘s Naomi Wolf would love to dream of in the social networking age? Why write a book these days? Just do a blog.

The project reminds me of a guy whom I dated. He would check every one of his reflection he could find everywhere we went. Just watching him do that made me feel exhausted.

Ayearwithoutmirrors.com is academia meets pop culture. While there are so many interesting ideas behind the blog, the blog is also filled with fluffy fun. Well, we’re in L.A., aren’t we? Let’s get rich and popular being intelligent! Go Bruins!

-26 and a Marriage

by Jason

Last weekend, I visited Edmonton, the provincial capital of Alberta and home to North America’s largest shopping and entertainment complex, West Edmonton Mall. This mall is bigger than the Mall of America in Minneapolis, has an amusement mark, world waterpark, and 20,000 parking spaces. It seemed on Saturday, Feb 19 that all 20,000 parking spaces were being used, because people were circling like vultures to grab any. Did I mention it was -26 Celsius outside? A good friend of mine, Rodney, was getting married and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Rodney and I go way back to high school. His outlook on life and sense of adventure helped shaped who I am today. The fact that he found someone else to share his life with is amazing and I wanted to meet female Rodney.

Tears of Joy – Rodney’s mom

Megan Rogers held her own. She has an independent adventurous spirit, very caring, but still able to take care of herself. One story that resonated with me was how she adapts to getting sleep if the groom becomes anxious in the middle of the night. She puts in ear plugs and a sleeping mask. This girl knows how to prioritize! Continue reading