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Yo, What’s Up Shorty?

by David


How short is too short? That is the question we must ask ourselves when considering how much leg we can reveal without being considered vulgar by a conservative public. After all, warmer weather is approaching and it pertinent to start thinking about fashions that implement style with cooling comfort. I remember shopping with one of my friends who had decided to wear some short shorts that day, of course I didn’t think much of it; it was fashionable. Continue reading

The Social Network, Glee Dominates Golden Globes

by Yogi

I love award shows, especially the Golden Globes! It’s really the “fun” yet credible award show as we watch the actors get drunker by the hour and also it’s the rare time where they award Film AND TV! This year’s show was even more fun thanks to Ricky Gervais and his crude, sarcastic British humour! Still quite predictable (I predicted 20 out of 25 categories, damn you Best Foreign Language Film!) but the Golden Globes often used as a parameter for the almighty Academy Awards so we get to watch the winners deliver their best, funny, charming and endearing acceptance speeches. Continue reading