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I Know at Least Two People Who Are Thrilled About Barrios’ Resignation

by Angela

I sat down with gay film makers Israel Luna and Toni Miller of La Luna Entertainment earlier this week to get their reaction to Jarrett Barrios’ resignation from GLAAD. Why would these two horror filmmakers give two shakes about his, and then the subsequent 8 board members’ resignation over GLAAD’s endorsement of AT&T and T-Mobile’s proposed merger?

Well, back in March of 2010 Luna’s campy horror film, Ticked off Trannies with Knives, became a GLAAD Call to Action for its use of the word “tranny”, which is often considered a pejorative within the trans community. The film basically features hot transgendered women who seek revenge after being attacked by a group of red necks a la I spit on Your Grave”. The film is bloody, funny, sexy, trashy, exploitive, and pretty much everything else you’d ever want in a horror film. And GLAAD hated it.

Prior to the film’s release, Luna reached out to GLAAD for education about transgender terminology and issues facing the transgender community because they had received their first negative reactions about the film’s title. Continue reading

Let’s Move to Nepal!

by Tin

Still from Other Nature: Transgender identity, same-sex marriage and equal rights in Nepal through the lens of sex workers, runaway couples, discharged army cadets, openly-gay politicians, artists and nuns.

Last month Bikash Bista, the director of Nepal’s Central Bureau of Statistics, announced that they are going to include a “third gender” category in their upcoming census in May. Transgender and gender non-conforming Nepalese rejoice and welcome the fact that they are now being recognized by their government.

The rights of transgender Nepalese are also one of the topics discussed in my friend Nani Walker’s documentary Other Nature.

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