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Twink Porn Bloodbath

by Quentin

Making a porn film is not as glamorous and easy you might think. You need to make it cheap with the lowest, albeit hottest, common denominators. And these “common denominators” might not be able to multiply but simply slit your throat out of a random fit of homophobia or after several nights of smoking crystal meth.

Imagine the crime scene. A 39-year-old Caucasian man had been stabbed 28 times. His throat was cut to the extent that he was almost decapitated. The body lay in the bedroom of his Pennsylvania home as the house burned and burned. The police ended up having to use dental records to identify the victim.

His name was Bryan Kocis, a gay pornography director and producer. Kocis founded Cobra Video in 2001, 6 years before his death. Continue reading