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A Victim Of Your Own Success

by Mike

An artist trying to repeat his own success again and again: does Wong Kar Wai make the same movie every time until no one cares?

There seems to be a principle in the universe that uniquely drives people to failure based on previous success.  I’ve seen it time and time again.  Someone is successful, but then in repeating or attempting to repeat that success, ends up at a place of catastrophic failure.   Allow me to share some examples.

We’ve all seen someone in the creative realm—be it a film director, musician, writer, painter or other artist—who has some spectacular breakout success.  The world applauds loudly, and the artist is showered with recognition and sometimes even money.  This is a very heady thing for an artist, especially for anyone who has labored in obscurity and poverty for a long time until they arrive at the breakout that seems to perfectly capture the spirit of the times and deliver a unique piece of art and/or entertainment.   Continue reading