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Lesbians in the Great Depression

by Angela

Debbie Grossman has re-imagined 1940’s Pie Towners as self-sufficient, God-fearin’, lesbian homesteaders by way of Photoshop in her newest body of work  that was on display at the Julie Saul Gallery in New York City. I think overall the installation is eyebrow raising and gorgeous and not to be missed (don’t worry, the link to Grossman’s page has the collection in .jpg format). But overall, her comment on the lack of lesbian family documentation during this period is weakened by her medium.

When I first read about this installation I had a negative reaction. Over and over again during my discourse about the project I kept hearing viewers say “If our history doesn’t exist in documented photographs, isn’t it wonderful to see what it could have been like?”. Call me a Negative Nancy if you will, but I kept saying no no no! Continue reading