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Mom, dad, where do you want to be in the social media revolution?

by Jason

I just got a call from the family to take down some family pictures from Facebook. It’s Mother’s Day and I thought it would be great to put up some pictures of my mom and the family. I am proud of my mom and even though we don’t always agree on everything, I have grown to respect her. The same goes for my family. My mom raised me well and perhaps, I have a hard time loosening up because my mom taught me to be cautious. However, this request perplexes me. It shows a growing disconnect between their perception of social media and mine. I understand people only want flattering pictures of themselves online, but they are concerned about how it will be used and security? Social media is the new frontier and everyday more information is uploaded. They have valid concerns, but should we let these concerns inhibit us? I think we can be pioneers and in order to keep up with technology, we take risks. With the death of video stores and the decline of traditional social activities like square dancing, the world is moving online and we need to change rapidly. Yes, online threats and security breaches exist but so does regular petty theft on the street and people continue to do business on the street.

“Social Media has overtaken pornography as the #1 activity on the web” Continue reading

Part Time Drag Queen

by Quentin

The first time I wore women clothes was when I was six. I was hanging out with my mom on a lazy Sunday afternoon while my dad was out. She let me try on her evening gown and carry my favorite glittery purse of hers. As I pranced around on her bed, I playfully dubbed myself “the nightgown chicken.” In Cantonese, “chicken” is the slang for “prostitute.” My mom was cracking up. We both had so much fun. I remember I really enjoyed playing a character… being someone whom I wasn’t.

But she only let me do it that once… Continue reading