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Ignorance is Bliss?

During my last weekly visit with my mom somehow the subject of the current massacre in Arizona was brought up.  Being the impassioned liberal that I am, I immediately brought up Sarah Palin and how she might have indirectly caused this tragedy with her map and crosshair specifically targeting Rep. Giffords.  I knew my mom likes Sarah Palin.  Every week she tunes in to her Alaska show on The Learning Channel so I was expecting her to staunchly defend Palin but what came out of her mouth shocked me.  She said “I like Palin!  I don’t care about her politics!  I’m not a citizen so why should I care about the politics!”  My jaw dropped and I wanted to grab her, shake her, and knock some sense in to her.  Continue reading

Born Again Asian

by H.P.

I’m Filipino-American, raised Catholic by immigrants, raised WITH immigrants and raised with pride.  (We also had seven dogs and never ate them.) I was raised in the Mission in San Francisco and being Asian was never a problem.  I was certainly not in the minority and neither were any of my Black, Latino, Asian or White friends in my Catholic school.  And it was because of this level playing field that we saw it as innocuous to blatantly point out each others’ race/ethnicity (both of which were words we would ignorantly interchange with nationality…but that’s a different article.)

But I knew I was in the minority, amongst my friends.  Being gay was that deep dark secret that I and all of my Catholic school buddies were taught to shun.  Abominable, I was.  I didn’t even know what that word meant!  The word only brought images of giant snowmen to mind, and I certainly wasn’t THAT.  (He was white, after all.) Continue reading