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Gay at work: Should I tell a potential employer I’m gay?

by Angela

Like any lady from the South who’s worth her weight in sweet tea, I adhere strongly to rules of etiquette and have even written about Facebook break-up etiquette before. I know some Queerious readers who dwell north of the Mason-Dixon line may think that manners are for the feeble-minded but before you get your progressive panties in a bunch know this- we southerners also know when to throw the rules out and tell someone to STFU, so STFU already and read on.

There are not a lot of books that cater specifically to the issues we face as LGBT folks who want to mind their P’s and Q’s . Emily Post  has certainly never covered such topics as “How to request a sperm donation from a close friend”. So who is a polite queer supposed to turn to? Continue reading