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On The Scene: AMC’s The Killing Blue Carpet Premiere

by Yogi

Katie Findlay & I rockin' the blue carpet

I had a very fortunate opportunity to attend the premiere of AMC’s The Killing in Los Angeles. Based on an acclaimed Danish TV series, Forbrydelsen, the series follows the investigation of the murder of a young girl and how her killing potentially affects the town’s election. My sister, Katie Findlay, is an up-and-coming actress who plays Rosie Larsen, the ‘killed’, in the series. I’m one of those people who can’t lie if you ask me what I think of your play, book, performance, or whatever it is, and honest to god… The Killing is absolutely riveting! You get suck right into the story and the characters. Every character is well rounded and you can’t help but to be so curious about each and every one of them. Under Patty Jenkins (Monster)’s direction, the intensity of the pilot is heightened to the same (if not higher) level as Twin Peaks did with the question “Who killed Laura Palmer? Continue reading