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Peaches Christ, Where Are You?

by Lewis

Where am I going to be for the next couple of weeks? I’m heading back to my hometown of San Francisco to support and generate awareness for the fantastically, macabre world of Peaches Christ, the Midnight Mass movie hostess with the “mostess.”  Peaches is the “altar” ego of Joshua Grannell, who made his directorial debut with the gory love letter to midnight movies, All About Evil,  now on DVD.

Yes, I’m indulging in a little shameless promotion but when I love something, I love it HARD and want to tell the world about it.  And I LOVE me some Peaches Christ,  OKAY? Continue reading

Sparkle SPARKLER, Sparkle!!

The latest  Entertainment Weekly cover with the headline, ‘Gay Teens on TV,’ is a fantastic visual to behold.  Especially if you think about all the people wandering through airports, supermarkets and bookstores, who are probably doing a double take to make sure they actually saw the word ‘gay’ and ‘teen’ in the mainstream press.  We’ve come a long way for sure, and I was really excited to find out that an ‘indie’ film from 1997, titled SPARKLER, is finally  available on DVD.  A good reminder of a time when queer characters were incorporated into the fabric of a story, long before the in-your-face ‘pop-a-tude,’ glamor of Adam Lambert. Continue reading