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How To Make a Half Million Dollars

by Mike

This post was originally titled “Compound Interest and Delayed Gratification,” but my marketing brain quickly realized that “How To Make a Half Million Dollars” would grab your attention much better.  Did it work?

Compound interest and delayed gratification?  What in the world?  Aren’t queers famous for their joie de vivre, their focus on enjoying the present?  For flocking like moths to a flame to stories about Lady Gaga’s new video and eschewing boring finance stuff?    This sounds like two topics designed to cure insomnia.  And what in the world do they have to do with each other, and more importantly to you?  When combined these two concepts can make you rich. Continue reading

You Need Your “F*@k You” Money

by Mike

You’re going about your life, throwing your fabulousness all over the place.  But are your finances where you want them to be?  Are you in love with your job?  Confident that you are financially secure for the next downturn? Invest just a few minutes with me here to take financial stock.

In business school my section’s faculty adviser had one piece of advice on our last day of class.  “Always have your ‘f*@k you’ money.”  Continue reading