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Transsexuals Take Off on PC Air

by Quentin

While 6.9% of Harvard applicants were accepted for the class of 2014, only 4% of transsexual applicants were accepted to fly on PC Air according to Huffington Post.  Can you believe that becoming a transsexual flight attendant is harder than getting into Harvard?

Drunk Asian Girls vs. Drunk White Girls

by Philip

Philip asks the big question: Who’s more annoying? Drunk Asian girls or drunk white girls?

Daniela Sea

by Andrea

Ever wondered what Daniela Sea is doing now? “Suburban mod 1960’s housewife, serving up casseroles?”

Of course, you remember her mostly from her role on the L-Word where she played Moira, the mid-western butch who falls in love with Jenny Schechter (Mia Kirshner). Continue reading