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Murder on the Dance Floor

This has to be our photo for the week. Our fabulous friend Coco Pop took this photo aptly titled “Murder on the Dance Floor” when she was clubbing in Hong Kong.

Sexuality, Identity and Race of the Queer Chinese Diaspora

by Doris

Being of the Queer Chinese Diaspora myself,  I was excited and honored when I was invited to curate a section about it at the Beijing Queer Film Festival this year,  My hope is to be able to bring a small piece of what being Queer and Chinese means in the rest of the world to our fellow brothers and sisters in our ancestral land. My film Motherland will be showing at the festival as well as a retrospective of the work of pioneering Chinese-Canadian video artist Wayne Yung.

The Chinese Diaspora sometimes called “Overseas Chinese”  is diverse with over 50 million people of Chinese descent being born in almost every country in the world, from Sierra Leone ( Chinese population. 20) to the U.S with 3.3 million people, to Indonesia, the most populous overseas Chinese country with over 8 million inhabitants of Chinese descent. Whether they came by boat like the sailors of Admiral Zheng He’s fleets, or from the 20th century waves of immigration from the Pearl River Delta region or from modern day immigration, as a result, the Chinese culture is one of the most well known cultures of the world. Continue reading

Queer Beijing

by Doris

From Cui Zi’En’s Queer China, ‘Comrade China’.

I have always been a fan of Beijing since having studied abroad at the Beijing Film Academy many moons ago. The city itself is an oxymoron as both China’s cultural center and political capital. There’s an air of anything goes there, as long as it’s not noticed or publicized. 10 years ago I made one my first short films there with a gay theme without a permit and smuggled it out of the country. This year I’ve been invited to guest curate a section of the Beiijng LGBT Film Festival on Queer Chinese Diaspora as well as screening my film Motherland there.The founders of the festival are Cui Zi’ En, one of the most prominent Chinese queer filmmaker/activists and Yang Yang, a feminist scholar. They started the festival orignially at Beijing University  in 2001 and Cui, a professor at the Beijing Film Academy, said the festival is an important event for China’s fledgling gay movement.”The biggest change is that I’m not the only one doing this,” he said. “There’s more support from the gay community. Society has become more relaxed and open-minded in its thinking.” Continue reading


by Doris

Gay and Gay, sitting in a tree, KISSING…first comes love, then comes same sex marriage…then comes the Gayby in the Gayby carriage…

Recently at Sunday brunch in the Castro squeezed in between the tables of mimosas and Bloody Marys, I spied at least 5 top of the line $1000 Bugaboo strollers in the restaurant surrounded by cooing daddies (No..not that type) and mommies feeding organic soymilk formula to their litte darlings. I was also reminded of a MTF lesbian acquaintance of mine who just had a baby with her wife. She had frozen her sperm before her sexual reassignment surgery which they used to impregnate her wife who gave birth to gayby twins. Continue reading

Growing in the Gay World…

by Doris

Time doesn’t stand still for anyone. The question is do we embrace it or do everything in our power to prevent it?

Being back in the US, there are ads for botox, lip fillers, microdermabrasion and a host of other ways to keep Father Time at bay. Continue reading

Questions on Race and Desirability in Dating

by Doris

From Ray Yeung's Cut Sleeve Boys

A recent conversation with some friends in a Jacuzzi sparked the topic that seems to be reappearing of late. In the world of rice queens and potato queens, what is the social hierarchy of the dating scene? Is sexual taste and preference an individual choice or is it more about supply and demand? Why do some gaysian (and straight) men and women only prefer Caucasian partners? Is it personal taste or societal socialization that white is the barometer of attractiveness and desirability? Some say that there is an over supply of willing attractive potato loving gaysians fighting over the same “limited” supply of rice queens with the latter seemingly having the pick of the litter. What happens when one is put on a pedestal or deemed desirable only because of the color of their skin?

Renting, Leasing and Buying in Dating

by Doris

A few months ago a friend introduced me to the concept of renting, leasing and buying. She said she was in a lease with an option to buy. Meaning she was currently dating someone with the potential to be a steady girlfriend, but that she was leasing until she was sure she wanted to buy (commit to an exclusive relationship). At the same time she could rent, meaning she could date and sleep with other people, kind of like going on a test drive without commitments to lease or buy the car. Very unusual in the lesbian world…usually it’s you drive, you bought.

I thought leasing was a brilliant concept! I had been dating someone for a few months at the time and wasn’t sure I wanted to commit to an exclusive relationship yet. I had just come out of a short but intense relationship that ended in a bruising and painful breakup. I told myself that I wanted to be single for awhile and just date different people and really get to know someone before I made another serious commitment. Continue reading

Going Sticky

by Doris

Michelle Krusiec and Lynn Chen in Alice Wu's Saving Face

My friend Quentin invited me to Queerious and explained that the blog could be anything from queer identity to what a lesbian usually eats for breakfast. For my first blog, I thought about my most recent and new experiences in my queer life. It’s been quite a queerious journey since I first opened myself up to the same sex in my early twenties. Since then, I have been happily exploring my limits and tastes in my ever richer sexual identity now well into my early thirties. Continue reading