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On the Mat

by Masashi

So, there are some guilty pleasures in my life that I get mocked for almost on a daily basis. Some of these include my love for cheap buffets, kitchen gadget informercials (have you seen the new one with Vicky Lawrence!? sooo good), b-horror flicks and of course, my collection of flashy bow ties. BTW, all of these will be highlighted in future posts. But what takes the cake, is my undying love (and I mean love) for wrestling. Yes folks, I’m a lover of WWE, TNA, Wrestlicious and some indie stuff.  Why you ask? Well, to be frank, I love the overly-complicated stories, redonkulous outfits, some of the guys are kinda adorable and I can’t think of another show with so many kick ass women (okay yes, the representation of the women is still flawed at times). So I’ve officially out’d myself. I feel so liberated.

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Mr. Hyphen 2010!

by Masashi

I wanted to give a quick shout out to 2010’s Mr. Hyphen, Kyle Chu. Kyle is a former CAAM intern and overall amazing young man. He’s an avant garde musician, talented artist, aspiring filmmaker, employee at a taco shack, kick ass student and most likely a future leader in the LGBTQI community. I bring him up not only to promote his work, but because I saw him earlier today and started to think about my life. I realized that he totally reminds me of myself… when I was his age. I too was once loud and outspoken and quirky and really didn’t care how I was perceived by the world around me (watching Kyle sashay  through the CAAM office is ah-mazing!).

Kyle on the table and Masashi on the left with "sleepy" hands

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