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Invisible Theater

by Angela

My old college pal, P. Funmilayo dropped by this week after selling one of her paintings to a Dallas collector. I met her while majoring in Theater at the University of North Texas. She’s a globe trotter but for the moment lives in the North Texas hipster hotspot of Denton where she’s pursuing a Master’s Degree at Texas Women’s University in Invisible Theater. Yep, you read that correctly. Technically she’s pursuing a Master’s in Women’s Study using theatrical pedagogies such as Invisible Theater to “present social events in which individuals sculpt relationships and in the process promote ideas of social consideration, social awareness, and ignite true concern within the concept of Theater of the Oppressed“. The section in italics was taken directly from her personal statement.

Basically, she’s going to take Augusto Boal’s pedagogy to question issues that face women. If you saw Quentin’s post about the episode of “What Would You Do” in which Texans defend gay parents, you have a pretty decent idea of what Invisible Theater is. The major difference, Funmilayo will insist, is that in true Invisible Theater the audience will never know that it has just witnessed a work of improv social activism.

Since Gay Pride month is officially over here in the US, I thought that we queers could ride high on the marriage win in New York  and start in with the business of demanding a federal mandate for marriage equality. So, here’s a video to get you introduced to Invisible Activism, wherever you may live. We don’t need to change the minds of a few key politicians; we need to change the minds and hearts of homophobes.

I Know at Least Two People Who Are Thrilled About Barrios’ Resignation

by Angela

I sat down with gay film makers Israel Luna and Toni Miller of La Luna Entertainment earlier this week to get their reaction to Jarrett Barrios’ resignation from GLAAD. Why would these two horror filmmakers give two shakes about his, and then the subsequent 8 board members’ resignation over GLAAD’s endorsement of AT&T and T-Mobile’s proposed merger?

Well, back in March of 2010 Luna’s campy horror film, Ticked off Trannies with Knives, became a GLAAD Call to Action for its use of the word “tranny”, which is often considered a pejorative within the trans community. The film basically features hot transgendered women who seek revenge after being attacked by a group of red necks a la I spit on Your Grave”. The film is bloody, funny, sexy, trashy, exploitive, and pretty much everything else you’d ever want in a horror film. And GLAAD hated it.

Prior to the film’s release, Luna reached out to GLAAD for education about transgender terminology and issues facing the transgender community because they had received their first negative reactions about the film’s title. Continue reading

Mavs Mania

by Angela

I am exhausted. I woke up at an embarrassingly early hour Thursday morning in my hometown of Dallas, Texas to attend a parade. No, it was not Dallas’ pride parade (we do ours on the third Sunday in September to commemorate the ruling from Judge Barefoot Sanders that first negated the Texas Sodomy Law). Nope, I woke up at 6 a.m. to hoof it downtown to celebrate the Dallas Maverick’s winning the NBA Championship.

Am I a huge basketball fan? Do I love all things sports related? No, and nuh-uh. But I do love Dallas. Like, a LOT. And how many times does one get a chance to stand outside jammed up against 200,000 of their fellow citizens in over 100 degree weather and watch everyone be HAPPY to be there? Watch them NOT maim each other or shout insults at one another? I figured not too often so, I went.

As far as parade floats go I give it a solid meh. I mean I’ve been to pride parades in Los Angeles and San Francisco, so I know what a good lookin’ float is supposed to look like. Continue reading

Gay at work: Should I tell a potential employer I’m gay?

by Angela

Like any lady from the South who’s worth her weight in sweet tea, I adhere strongly to rules of etiquette and have even written about Facebook break-up etiquette before. I know some Queerious readers who dwell north of the Mason-Dixon line may think that manners are for the feeble-minded but before you get your progressive panties in a bunch know this- we southerners also know when to throw the rules out and tell someone to STFU, so STFU already and read on.

There are not a lot of books that cater specifically to the issues we face as LGBT folks who want to mind their P’s and Q’s . Emily Post  has certainly never covered such topics as “How to request a sperm donation from a close friend”. So who is a polite queer supposed to turn to? Continue reading

You wish Tina Fey was your boss: A short review of “Bossypants”

by Angela

I love funny women and I love reading books. So, when a funny woman writes a book you bet your sweet ass I’m going to buy it and devour it. Which is exactly what I did with”Bossypants” by Tina Fey.

“Bossypants” is a self-help business book buried in a memoir that’s been wrapped in a 30 Rock script. Her stories of being a female comic in what is arguably still a boy’s club should be read by anyone who identifies as a minority in their business field. And because it’s so damn funny it should really be read by everyone.

“I don’t fucking care if you like it.” -Amy Poehler to Jimmy Fallon

That is one of many pieces of advice you can expect to learn from the book. Continue reading

Lesbians in the Great Depression

by Angela

Debbie Grossman has re-imagined 1940’s Pie Towners as self-sufficient, God-fearin’, lesbian homesteaders by way of Photoshop in her newest body of work  that was on display at the Julie Saul Gallery in New York City. I think overall the installation is eyebrow raising and gorgeous and not to be missed (don’t worry, the link to Grossman’s page has the collection in .jpg format). But overall, her comment on the lack of lesbian family documentation during this period is weakened by her medium.

When I first read about this installation I had a negative reaction. Over and over again during my discourse about the project I kept hearing viewers say “If our history doesn’t exist in documented photographs, isn’t it wonderful to see what it could have been like?”. Call me a Negative Nancy if you will, but I kept saying no no no! Continue reading

Don’t Panic! 13 Things You Must Do Before the Rapture

by Angela

Since I’m sure all of you amazing Queerious readers will be leaving us tomorrow night  because of Harold Camping’s prediction of the second coming of Jesus H. Christ at 6p.m. (no time zone, I mean duh, that was invented WAY after JC left us the first time) I thought I would come up with 13 must-do things for your last day on Earth (because I know you’re all going to be on the VIP list for the chosen). If you happen to be one of the unlucky unchosen, according to Camping you will be stuck here for the zombie apocalypse until October 21st (<– P.S. that is a link to the Center for Disease Control website with info on what to do if you find yourself in the midst of a Z.A.).

If you’re fairly certain you’re heading off to the that server in the sky you’ve got 24 hours left on Earth. And that’s a lot to plan for. Lucky for you, I’ve already made your final to-do list, and it leaves plenty of time for spontaneity. My list excludes awesome things that would require travel, because who wants to waste their last hours in line at the airport? This is a link-heavy post, so be sure to open plenty-o-tabs on your browser. If you don’t know how to do that then I’m sure you’ve got waitin’-for-Jesus-plans already so don’t worry your pretty little head.

13. Part your hair on the other side.  According to an episode of Radiolab, how we view ourselves in the mirror vs. how people in the world see us is completely different. A study showed no one would have trusted Abraham Lincoln if he had parted his hair on the other side. See if this little makeover will disguise you well enough to get into/out of the Rapture.

12. Listen to this. While you’re taming your tresses (or skimming this post), take a listen to the 24-hours-to-live playlist I made on Youtube. It’ll make you giggle, reflect, and of course,  seek salvation. Continue reading