And now for something different…

Today, I’d like to not talk about films and share with you a little decision I made while running. ImageThis morning, it was 3 degrees Celsius outside out in Vancouver. A little on the cool side, but it was dry and I finally had some spare time so I decided to join my partner for a run around Stanley Park. For those of you who are not familiar with Stanley Park, it is a 1000 acres oasis right in the heart of Vancouver and it is surrounded by water on three sides. Our destination: Third Beach! The idea of running out in the cold did not appeal to me at first and to where ugly bulky layers in public did not help put my mind at ease. Our neighborhood is a tourist destination and home of the gays. However, the thought of doing something different was more satisfying than being on Facebook.

The temperature was bearable and there were lots of people out in the sea wall. As long as you kept moving, it was fine. The sea was calm and the tide was low so you can see all the birds rummaging through the rocks for their morning meal. I found solace in the imagery. As we continued to run, the wind picked up, my blood sugar dropped, and suddenly I shivered. I could feel my hands trembling. Unfortunately, I was already 2 kilometers in and my partner continued to persevere not far behind me. It was easy to stop and turn back, but what would that accomplish? There have been many instances of this in 2011 for me. Why should I continue when everything around me tells me I should not? I knew the road behind me, but I only could imagine the path in front of me. My hands continued to tremble. Was it a sugar low or was I starting to shiver because of the wind? I made a choice to continue on. My instincts told me it was going to be okay. My partner was not far behind and there are lots of people walking around the sea wall. If I was going to collapse I’d rather do it while going forward rather than running back because of fear. My day would be dictated by this small decision and it was more powerful to know I tried. Some might argue that this is foolish, but I call it smart. We are only here once and there’s value in not wasting time.

I continued running and found strength in my gut – let’s just say it’s a 4 pack. The trembling stopped and I continued to run all the way to our goal. Trust your instincts and you’ll find a way forward. My partner caught up to me. We stopped at Third Beach and looked out Burrard Inlet. It turned out to be a beautiful morning.

As we turned back, the clouds looked ominous dark. My partner whispered to me, “Don’t run too far ahead, run beside me… it’s better if we run together.”

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