Almost the Best Lesbian Vampire Flick

Dennis Gansel’s We Are the Night is almost the best lesbian vampire flick… or perhaps one of the best vampire flicks in years. A young thievish girl stumbles into a lesbian club in Berlin and gets bitten by a female vampire who is the leader of a gang of three Amazonian vampires. According to our vampire girls, male vampires have extinguished themselves because of in-fighting or fighting with humans. It’s doubtlessly Amazonian, wouldn’t you say?

My aunt and I were totally bored by the bloodless suburban remake of Fright Night and decided to try out this IFC release on the night of Christmas Day on Netflix streaming. We were both glued to the screen from the beginning to end of We Are the Night that is both visually and narratively compelling until the last act of the movie.

Essentially, the first and second act of Night is incredibly lesbian and alternative but the movie suddenly turns mainstream in the last act. As feminists, we are used to reading the middle against the ending of a work. So that’s why I’m saying We Are the Night is almost the best lesbian film ever made. It’s just one step off from Bound toward the end.


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