Desiree Lim’s The House

Vancouver-based lesbian filmmaker has a new feature titled The House to world premiere at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival on Sunday November 6, 2011. It’s billed as “a different kind of ghost story” starring Desiree’s longtime collaborator Natalie Sky.

Here’s the synopsis from the festival’s program “Jean Kaneko (Natalie Skye), swept away by the tsunami of the catastrophic financial meltdown, just quit her coveted job as an investment banker on Wall Street. After a soul-searching journey traveling around the world, she returns home to Vancouver, still floating in limbo. Instead of settling down, she camps out in an empty home owned by a friend’s rich family who never lived there. Jean moves in – vows to finish her travelogue about her journey. She’s finally found the perfect quiet time to focus on her writing at long last – no commitment, no phone calls, no job, no friends – she’s her own boss. Or at least that’s what she thinks. To her surprise, she finds out that if she wanted to stay, she’d have to share the place with some former occupants who’ve turned into bad squatters – all of whom are not even supposed to be there, because they’re actually dead. As Jean reluctantly confronts these souls as tormented as herself, they inevitably end up in an entangled mass of secrets and lies…”

Natalie Skye starred in Desiree’s previous hot lesbian feature Floored by Love. And here’s Desiree talking more about her latest feature The House!

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