DC Comics Introduces New Gay ‘Teen Titan’

Anyone here read Teen Titans? Or comic books? I haven’t read a comic book in a long time, but I think maybe I’ll start reading this one again… Or just wait until they show a gay love story with one of the characters.

Everyone, meet Bunker!


Gay characters at both Marvel and DC’s superhero line are nothing new, but they are few and far between. Currently Marvel has a prominent gay couple in X-Factor, and Hulking and Wiccan in Young Avengers while DC Comics has a gay lead in Batwoman and Apollo and Midnighter in Stormwatch. And now the relaunched Teen Titans appears to be about to up their numbers.

Bleeding Cool understands that his real name is Miguel Jose Barragan and was raised in a very small village in Mexico called El Chiar.

It seems pretty exciting and I’m glad there are more stories being told about LGBT teens, especially in a super-hero fashion. But still, comic books were already LGBT friendly – A well built man running around in skin-tight pants with perfect color coordination? Yes, please.

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