David Lewis’ frothy and sexy third feature Longhorns is a fun-filled gay sex comedy totally worth checking out. I had the privilege to attend the Long Beach QFilm Festival where Longhorns premiered to the an appreciative audience at the 36th largest city in America. Inspired by 80s’ zany sex comedies like Porky’s or Screwballs, Longhorns tells the sweet romance of a “straight” frat-boy (Jacob Newton) falling for a sexy and out gay campus activist (Derek Villanueva).

Yes, there’s plenty of frontal nudity, mutual masturbation and steamy sex. But Longhorns is a lot more than that. At heart it’s a touching coming-out romance that sets itself apart from the deluge of gay junk plastered with run of the mill Weho protagonists and predictable storylines… you know the movies I’m talking about.

With a meager budget of under 100K, Longhorns looks and sounds polished. Kudos to the beautiful Red cinematography by Frazer Bradshaw and the imaginative 80ish soundtrack by the ever talented H.P. Mendoza. Longhorns also deserves a younger LGBT audience who doesn’t attend the typical LGBT film festival circuit.  It’s coming out from TLA Releasing in November on home video so watch out for it if you don’t catch it at your local queer film festival!

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