Racist or Funny?

Woody Allen said in one of his movies, “Comedy is tragedy plus time.” Now looking back at the infamous 2004 “Gay or Asian?” article from Details magazine that everyone screamed from “racist” to “problematic,” I invite you to rethink what the hullabaloo was about. Really the article points to racism in the gay community. A bunch of fashion queens decided to make fun of being Asian and hence emasculating Asian males in North America. What a fabulous lesson in American racism?

4 responses to “Racist or Funny?

  1. I don’t understand the point of your post. What are we supposed to “re-think?” There was nothing funny about it then and it’s still tragic now.

  2. This post made me “re-think” my Ryan Seacrest haircut…

  3. jellylee2020

    I believe it is racism but consider how homophobic some straight Asian males are, they deserve to get a taste of how gay people are treated first handed. Furthermore, this just demonstrate that there’s really not much difference between gay people and straight people.

  4. I finally got around to writing about this today. My first reaction was – why now? But as I dug a little deeper and researched the various responses by Tom Huang, Heiroku and others, I realized how wide-ranging the perspectives are.

    Sure, I’m a prickly sob at times but I just posted on Men of Color (NSFW) the other day that Queerious is absolutely, unwaveringly one of my all-time favorite blogs. You do great work, if you haven’t heard that lately.

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