Extreme Makeover: Attractive People Make Overweight People Lose Weight

If you were swimming and a man who looked like this jumped into your pool, what would you do?

So, my newest summer television show has been Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. In it, extremely good looking Christopher Powell, goes and helps extremely overweight contestants to lose their weight naturally. He transforms their body in one year’s time with 3-month phases spread throughout.

One of my favorite episodes was about the contestant Dana:

Dana was almost 300lbs overweight. What I learned from this story was that Dana, and those struggling with obesity, had an emotional connection to food. Due to certain events in his past (molestation and high school bullying) he used food as his comfort. What was beautiful too, was near the end of the episode, he had the courage to come out to his family and friends.

Dana secluded himself because he thought his family would not accept his sexuality and in doing so took comfort in food.  But now that Chris Powell changed his life, Dana is living life to the fullest! This is Dana after a year with Chris:

He lost over 200lbs! Go Dana!

Now, if we all can have Chris as our trainer for an entire year, we can all have a body like his…

Watch the latest episodes on Hulu!

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