In the Mood of Getting Married?

For LGBT people and friends, if you’re in the mood of getting married, where can you get legally married and recognized by the very country where you’ll be getting married? Well, definitely not in the United States for now.

Closest to us is Canada, sometimes thought of by ignoramuses as the 51st state of United States. Same-sex marriages were nationally recognized since 2005. It was the fourth country in the world to legalize same-sex marriages.

In 2001, the Netherlands was the first country to recognize same-sex marriages. And you can even serve a pot wedding cake while you’re at it… I’m so going!

Belgium was the second country to recognize same-sex marriages. Now did I not say that the Europeans are culturally advanced.

Following the Netherlands and Belgium, Spain was the third country that legalize same-sex marriages. With gay filmmaker Pedro Almodovar as the national treasure, how could Spain not approve of same-sex marriages?

Besides the pioneering four countries, Argentina, Iceland, Norway, Portugal, South Africa and Sweden comprise of the current ten countries that legally recognize same-sex marriage.

So if you want to get married, meet the boy or girl from the right country. Good luck!

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