$20 Pride

by Quentin

Seriously? Under the guise of not-for-profit, both Christopher Street West and Long Beach Lesbian and Gay Pride Inc. charge a whopping $20 to get into the Los Angeles and Long Beach prides. For some of us who have been prided out since our teens, we couldn’t care less about going to a pride fair full of vendors that give you useless freebies, circuit queens and drunks. But just imagine for a young LA or Long Beach LGBT teen who has few resources and the one time in the year s/he may look forward to going to an all ages event… well… you have to pay $20 or you can’t get in. It’s not even a donation!

If you’re an LGBT teen without resources and do not want to pay $20 to go to a pride, go to San Francisco or New York. Both prides are free and way more fun than Los Angeles and Long Beach. Amen.

2 responses to “$20 Pride

  1. $20 for an half acre of pointless booths, flat acts and stumbling drunks who just want you to tug at their nipple rings…I don’t think so.

  2. “prided out since our teens, we couldn’t care less”

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