Living Photos

by Jason

Wall art can be eclectic, inspiring and bizarre, but there is one common item that I have seen hanging somewhere on everyone’s walls and that’s photographs of themselves, family or friends. However in today’s age of the iPad, flat screen televisions and digital picture frames, I am surprised that there are not any looping videos, a living photo frame, on our walls similar to those found in the world of Harry Potter.

Not everything has to be recorded, but there is an ephemeral quality to see the moment before and after a very special photograph. Still pictures can create a false sense of reality, and be downright boring, if one chooses to only show people smiling. We tend to take notice when we see imperfections. I love candid stills, especially because people are caught in real situations.

These looping videos should not be long, perhaps only 40 seconds maximum, and there should not be any audio. They should play on our walls silently, pictures moving only when we are nearby. We are becoming better visual storytellers with the proliferation of high-definition cameras and YouTube. Bringing videos on our real walls will be a natural extension of all the clutter we put online, except that, hopefully, we will be more selective. The videos we would choose to grace our homes would be a form of truthful cinema, or Cinéma vérité as the French would say, reminding us that life is not perfect but always beautiful and every moment worth cherishing.

Pictures were found with the assistance of Corey Klassen. Corey runs a blog called Design Kula and has been written by the LA Times . You can find out more about Corey and his interior design work here.

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